Woodland / Shrubland

Biome Description

A woodland/shrubland biome is a type of ecosystem characterized by a mix of trees, shrubs, and grasses that grow in areas with a Mediterranean climate. These biomes typically have hot, dry summers and cool, moist winters. The vegetation in this biome is adapted to the dry conditions, with many species having thick, leathery leaves or other adaptations that allow them to conserve water. The trees in this biome tend to be small to medium-sized, with evergreen species being common. The understory is dominated by shrubs, with some areas having dense thickets of scrub. Wildfires are a natural part of this biome, and many species are adapted to resprout after a fire. This biome is found in regions around the world, including the Mediterranean Basin, California, Chile, and parts of South Africa and Australia.

Biosphere 2

Domaine de Nidolères

Building the Atlas

We launched the Agrivoltaic Atlas on April 12, 2023 for the AgriVoltaics 2023 conference in Daegu, South Korea. We launch with the goal of demonstrating the idea and gathering interest from partners around the world to contribute. If you would like to contribute, contact findme@kailepley.com.