Domaine de Nidolères

Average annual temperature (°C) Annual precipitation (cm) 100 200 300 400 -10 0 10 20 30 Woodland/shrubland

Domaine de Nidolères

The Domaine de Nidolères agrivoltaic farm is a unique project located near Perpignan in the south of France. It covers an area of around 35 hectares and combines agriculture with the production of solar energy.

The farm is home to over 6,000 solar panels that are installed on 7 hectares of the land. These panels generate around 5 MW of clean energy, which is enough to power around 4,000 households. The panels are mounted on structures that are elevated above the ground, allowing for agricultural activities to take place underneath them.

The agrivoltaic farm uses a unique planting technique called "viti-voltaic", where grape vines are planted in rows underneath the solar panels. The panels provide shade to the vines, reducing water stress and preventing sunburn on the grapes, resulting in higher quality grapes and wine. The shade also reduces evaporation from the soil, which reduces the need for irrigation.

The farm produces organic wine, olive oil, and honey, and is certified by various organizations such as Ecocert and Demeter. The farm also practices sustainable farming techniques such as natural pest control and soil conservation.

In addition to producing clean energy and organic food, the Domaine de Nidolères agrivoltaic farm is also a tourist attraction, offering tours and tastings to visitors. The farm's innovative approach to sustainable agriculture and energy production has received widespread recognition and has been featured in numerous media outlets around the world.