Agrivoltaic Atlas

See the ways solar energy and agriculture are being combined around the world. Hear the stories of the producers who are pioneering the agrisolar revolution. Learn about agrivoltaics or begin exploring the map.


Agrivoltaics, also known as "dual-use" or "co-located" renewable energy, is the practice of combining agriculture with solar power generation. This innovative approach can provide benefits for both farmers and solar energy producers.

You can learn the basics of agrivoltaics by visiting NREL. Explore the history and learn more at Fraunhofer ISE. Connect with agrivoltaic experts and find the latest U.S. information through the AgriSolar Clearinghouse. Schedule a tour to visit Jack's Solar Garden and see agrivoltaics in action with the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center

Agrivoltaic Geography

Click a continent to begin exploring agrivoltaic farming in that region.

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Average annual temperature (°C) Annual precipitation (cm) 100 200 300 400 -10 0 10 20 30

Agrivoltaic Ecology

This climograph relates biomes around the world to the approximate climate they exist within. Agrivoltaic system designs should reflect the environment they are built within and in this way maximize the benefits they provide. Hover your cursor over a biome to see its name, and click a biome to discover examples of agrivoltaic systems operating in that environment.